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June 2014 - Moving forward & New Music

Greetings friends and followers of the band formerly known as The James Arthur Band (We did for a short time consider this as a new name, to silly though I think).

I guess a fair bit has happened since we last updated this page, but lets not dwell on any of that here, it's been well written about by the press, so we shall just focus on moving forward with creating some new music.

Sadly we still have yet to hear from James himself, and we have all very much missed playing together as a band, and have decided to create some new music, that wont involve him.

A couple of months ago Jez, Chris, Jordan and myself (Rich) all got back on our jam room and started sketching out some idea's, and have since created lots of demo recordings, which we hope to complete with a variety of friends and guest singers.

We have also been in talks with a few songwriters, and hope that all these idea's will eventually surface as a collection of EP's or album, but either way it will be great fun, and of course amazing to release some new music.

The support online, mainly through twitter has been amazing, we thought our work was pretty much buried and forgotten about to be honest, but a number of people from all over the world have expressed such enthusiasm for the bands music, that even without James, they still want to see us make music, so it has driven us forward, which is amazing...

We will continue posting new pictures on twitter, here and on our facebook page, if you are a singer or a songwriter, then get in touch, maybe we can work on something?

Right that's enough of that for now, I wont wait so long for the next update..


November 2013 - Hey there, nice to see you..

So it's been almost a year since we last updated the website, after having a look at the site statistics recently, and saw the amount of visitors to this page, I thought we should at least give you some kind of update.

We can't really give you much news on James and what he has been upto other than his debut album is now available from shops if you want a CD version or iTunes and all good online stores, as expected he has had a really busy year, performing at festivals and of course working really hard recording his album.

We don't hear much from him these days, so we can't really give you any other info than that, hopefully he is in a happy place and is having a great time.

You're probably not interested in what the rest of the band are doing, we don't see much of each other these days, but we do keep in touch. Jordan can be found behind a drumkit somewhere, he is playing with a really cool band called "The Glass Moths", check them out on facebook, I think they have been working hard on a new EP.

The rest of the band sadly don't find much chance to play anymore, so if you are looking for a great guitar, bass or keyboard player then give us a shout.

What about the EP?

This is something we still get asked about on youtube/facebook, but at the moment we simply are not allowed to release our recordings, but we do hope to get them out one day maybe.

We all still look forward to the day we can get in a room, with our friend James, and maybe play some tunes together.

Many thanks again

JA&B x

December 11 2012 - James' Wins x Factor 2012!!!!

Wow, what else can you say.

Without going overboard and writing a whole load of soppy rubbish about how happy we are to see our friend win X Factor, we'll simply leave it with a simple, wow..

What's Next?

So what's next for The James Arthur Band you ask? (something we do get asked all the time)

Well, it's very early days of course, James is very very busy with his winners single launch and promotion champagne, doing press and appearances all over the UK.

The only thing we can say is that at some point we will return to the practice room to continue having fun writing and recording.

We really must say a massive thank you to every single person out there that has voted for James, e-mailed the band, joined us on facebook & twitter, and check out the music we have made, the support over the last few months has been amazing, it means more than you know.

See you all soon


December 03 2012

James Reaches X-Factor FINAL!!

In a rather tense semi-final weekend, we saw James reach the final of X-Factor 2012, alongside Jahmene Douglas & Chris Maloney, which will happen next weekend in Manchester, we of course super happy/chuffed & proud of our mate, who only a few short months ago joked with us about the prospect of singing in the final..

James is due to return to Middlesbrough on Tuesday 4th December to meet & greet fans, catch up with friends and family, & perform a free show at the Town Hall, (tickets available from box office, & TFM)

In other news, the band were back in the studio through the week, dusting off the live set, and getting down to some rehearsal, not for any other reason than for pure fun and to get together, we are hoping to play together at some point, of course we have no plans at the moment though, as James has a bit on right now.

November 21 2012

Update & Vote James Arthur!

So the last week or two has seen an amazing amount of support for James' music and the band, lots of you seem to have found the few videos we have on youtube & the music, and been making the effort to send some great messages and tweets, it really is great to see so many people enjoying our music.

We are trying to keep up with the merch & CD orders, obviously our team is super small, and very DIY, so do try to be patient whilst we pick, pack and ship your orders to all 4 corners of the globe.

Is James Arthur To Good For X Factor - Ask NOW MAGAZINE

Yes it seems those guys at Now Magazine have become massive fans of James & The Band, see what you think..

Now if you did watch this weeks show, you will know that James was in this weeks bottom 2 acts, this obviously outlines how much your vote does count, and how those like James & Ella aren't safe, despite the super comments by the judges, so if you do want to see James progress to the final of X Factor 2012, then assume he is safe, and get a vote in there. (or 2/3 etc)

Anyway, we'll keep you up to date, cheers again.


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